24V Kids Electric Go-Kart with DRIFT Function

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Designed for kids 5+ years of age, the DRIFT KART has a High/Low speed setting along with a Drift switch which functions as a third gear. Activating the DRIFT function propels the large rear wheels up to 9 MPH allowing the kart to slide during turns. Note that even though the steel frame carries riders up to 154 lbs - we suggest limiting weight to 120 lbs for drifting. Assembly is simple and takes about an hour. Spare parts are now in stock. Features: 24V Electric Powered DRIFT Go-Kart Select from 2 speeds forward - 3 to 6 MPH (up to 9 MPH in drift mode) Reverse just as easy Very easy to steer - letting go of foot pedal brings it to a stop There is adjustable seat belt Perfect for kids 5+ years of age Weight capacity of 154 lbs Push-Button Start 9" EVA/Rubber Wheels in front for control / 11" Slick drift wheels in rear It drifts best on asphalt and smooth (troweled) concrete.