Kids 12V Ride On Car Truck Electric R/C Jeep Style 4WD Leather Seats w/ Bluetooth - S2388

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A 12V ride on car with 2.4G remote control; MP3 connection, with
four motors and two speeds, it is great fun for any 3-6 years old
To drive And is equally entertaining for the adult who wants to
participate via the 2.4G Bluetooth remote control. There is a
power button that once pushed, there is a simulated starting
motor noise. Hit the music button on the steering wheel and the
car plays music. This car is not like any other ride on car on
the market today. This is a real treat to any child that is lucky
enough to own This car. A smart 2.4G remote control is included
with the car. This feature can be used to control the car for
younger riders and is also a safety parental control that can be
used to prevent a child driver from driving into danger. And the
Slow start and slow stop function can make kids driving more
safety. The smart remote control has to be powered on in order
for the car to be operational.